Do you have a file that you think may be a virus or mal-ware but don't have an anti-virus installed to scan it with? Or do you just not think yours is doing its job? I have the place for you!

Visit and you can scan that file with all the best anti-virus vendors around. It will display a comprehensive report to let you know how many anti-virus companies detected your file as a virus or mal-ware. It's a great way to check any file that you have downloaded off the internet.

If you need to scan your entire computer or more than one file, you can use one of these great FREE online virus scanners. Some may or may not remove them for you with the free version but they give you information about the virus found and you can remove it yourself.

Company Link
Trend Micro
Bit Defender

Program Link
Root Repeal
GMER rootkit remover
Sophos Anti-rootkit
Root Unhooker